The Right Way to Load an ATV into Your Truck

You live in Utah. The great outdoors is everywhere, and you probably have three favorite spots to go off-roading.

That’s why you’re here looking for a capable used truck near Salt Lake City. Pickup trucks have great off-roading capability themselves, and when you want to get a little closer to the ground, you can haul your ATV in the bed.

There’s a right and a wrong way to do things, and that goes for loading in your ATV.

First, you want to make sure you have the right equipment. Check the weight limits on ATV ramps before buying them, and look for high-strength tie-down straps.

Secure the ramps to the back of your truck so they don’t jiggle and fly out from under you. Always wear a helmet when loading your ATV for exactly that reason. It may not seem dangerous compared to zooming down a trail, but you don’t want to take that fall unprotected.

Use your 4LO gear when driving up the ramps to give you extra torque and keep your speed nice and slow.

When tying down, be sure to compress the ATV’s suspension — otherwise every bump you hit on the way to the trail could cause swaying, and cause the straps to shift.

Enjoy your four-wheeling, and visit Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket for all your used car needs!

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