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Not every dealership offers a detailing service. It makes perfect sense to have them do it – you need to bring your car in for regular maintenance anyway. And those “detail-on-wheels” services are notoriously bad. Kill two tasks with one stone. Bring your car in for maintenance and get a detail while you’re at it. It’s recommended you get a detail at least twice a year. Fill out a form to schedule a time or call us at 888-742-8237.

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What makes an auto detail different than washing your car?

Car Detailing Service in SandyAuto detailing is much more than scrubbing your car a little harder or vacuuming under the mats. Sure, waxing is an important part of it, but true auto details ensure the right chemicals and tools are used to not only clean your car but protect it over time.

When you take your car to the wash, you subject it to harsh bristles that often cause small scratches that you may not notice at first but over time begins to remove the paint’s brilliance and shine making it look dull. Touchless car washes are good because they don’t use harsh brushes, however, they rarely give 100% results and don’t completely remove the contaminants.

To drive the point home, detailing means more than washing, drying, and waxing your vehicle. It means cleaning the inside, removing streaks from windows, cleaning the engine bay, properly dressing your rubber and plastic surfaces, repairing blemishes, fixing hazy headlights, fixing rock chips, and a lot more.

What are the main elements of a good auto detail?

In a basic detail, you typically see the following:

  • interior cleaning
  • washing the vehicle
  • using clay to remove contaminants
  • applying wax

Car Detailing Service in SandyIn more advanced detailing, you’ll see the same steps as the basic detail with the addition of cleaning the engine bay, removing window streaks, and dressing rubber and plastic surfaces.

Detailing is also case by case. Older vehicles have an abundance of rock chips, hazy headlights, deep scratches, and a lot of other wear and tear. Some vehicles have swirl marks (from micro scratches) and paint correction.

If you do it right, the first time may take close to an hour to two hours. As you go, you may become more efficient, but the level of detail will also increase, which may cause the detail to remain at one to two hours.

Why not simply take your car to the car wash or detail it yourself?

A car wash may be cheaper, but it’s much more harsh on your car’s paint. Trying to detail yourself is extremely time consuming and costs a bit of money to get the equipment and materials needed to properly clean your car.

It’s estimated that even the most basic detailing kit would run you about $70-$100. To get top quality auto detailing results, you’re more likely to spend $250+. These kits include items such as:

  • buckets
  • safe cleaning chemicals (different solutions for the windows, pain, rubber, and plastic parts)
  • rags (not regular towels, but rags safe for the car’s surfaces)
  • wax
  • clay bars
  • repair kits

While you can do it yourself, to avoid mistakes and save time, it’s worth it to take it in at least once a year.

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