Google Reviews 11,000+ Reviews at Our Dealerships

Larry H Miller Used Car Supermarkets has 11,000+ Google Reviews and we’ve maintained a 4.5 star rating!

How did we get so many reviews?

We’re actively encouraging customers and visitors to review our store with honest feedback. We learn a lot about ourselves and strive to be better every day. This feedback is extremely valuable to us. For our customers, they were able to read other customer stories and determine that we were the best option for them. To be honest, we provide pretty awesome customer support. We reply to reviews almost every day.

Why should you write reviews?

We hope that businesses take the same approach to reviews as we do. They are meant to help mend customer relationships and help consumers understand what to expect before walking in. The used car industry has received a bad reputation because of many dealerships’ dishonest salespeople and service departments. We highly recommend reading through reviews before deciding to work with any dealership.

How did we get a 4.5 star rating?


We respond to hundreds of reviews on Google, Facebook, and many other platforms every year. Reviewers deserve answers when they’ve had a negative experience with a car dealership. We help clarify misunderstandings as well as make adjustments to our staff and practices to help mitigate future negative situations. Our responses also help give clarity to situations that may only have one side of the story. That helps give readers a greater understanding of what happened and how they should set their expectations.

When you look at dealerships, you should look at overall ratings. Also, the total number of reviews represent how many experiences a particular dealership has to give credit to it’s rating. Stores with more reviews tend to demonstrate their level of experience in dealing with all types of customers.

Come into our store and see if your experience matches those that have reviewed us already. Also, please let us know how your experience was. Come in for an appraisal or a test drive.