Remove Winter Salt from Carpets with One Simple Ingredient

February 2nd, 2016 by

Rock salt, spread over the roads each winter, can damage the exterior of your car and cause rust. That’s why it’s so important to wash and wax your vehicle before, during, and after winter salt season.

Less-often spoke of, yet equally important, is the damage salt does to the interior of your vehicle. Namely, those salty rings over your foot well carpets where your boots melted.

Getting these stains out can be harder than it looks.

Regular soap and water might not work to get the chalky residue to come off. That’s because these chalky deposits aren’t salt… they are chalk.

To be more precise, they are calcium carbonate — classic blackboard chalk — and magnesium carbonate.

These two chemicals are added to road salt to prevent it from caking, and they don’t dissolve in water like salt does. They can, however, be dissolved with vinegar.

To clean your carpets: mix white vinegar with water, and spray over the stains until they dissolve. Then mop everything up with a towel, and clean as normal.

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