Black Friday Car Service Specials

Black Friday Sale Used Car SupermarketFor Black Friday, we’re giving you the ability to sleep in AND score amazing deals for your automobile! Watch this video with our very own Maxwell

Here’s Our Specials:


Brake pads Deal in Sandy

For the first 10 customers on Black Friday. Free brakes are pads and installation, not machining rotors. Cannot schedule appointments. Must be physically present.

Wiper Blades
Only $9!

Wiper Blades Special in Murray

From 9 AM – 10 AM Only. $9 Wiper blades includes installation. Need to call (801) 553-5350 to schedule an appointment during those hours so we have the right blades available.

Oil Change
Only $10!

Oil Change Special in Sandy

From 10 AM – 11 AM Only. Conventional oil only, no diesel or synthetic. Need to call (801) 553-5350 to schedule an appointment to ensure we have the right filters available.

$29.95 Headlight Restorations

Headlight Restoration Special in Sandy

Black Friday doesn’t have to be dark Friday with our $29.95 headlight restoration (Friday all day 7am to 6pm).

It doesn’t stop there!

Be sure to check out our Best Buy Promotion which is also happening on Black Friday. Make sure you get here early. If you would like to know more, please fill out a contact form on this page.