Next Time You’re in Traffic, Remember Ants

Traffic jams. That loathsome phenomenon that happens right around rush hour that nobody can do anything about. Why don’t ants have this problem?

Comparing ants to car traffic is a reasonable comparison. Ants create invisible roads with chemicals they release when they’ve found food. This way, other ants can find the food source, and bring tasty treats back to the colony.

At first, you get a small trickle of ants, but if the food source is abundant you soon get ant traffic to rival rush hour in New York City.

Unlike human traffic, which slows as you add more cars to the mix, ants keep traveling at the same speed! How? Cooperation.

Ants work together as parts of a single unit, while human drivers tend to act as individuals.

While there isn’t much hope for human beings ever achieving perfect harmony on the road, you can at least have a used car whose parts are all functioning perfectly as a unit. Come visit our Service Department, where we can inspect your vehicle, and keep all of its many moving components up to date and in synch.

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