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At Larry H Miller Used Car Supermarket we do business differently!

Our philosophy is to do business the way our guests have told us they want their car buying experience to be.

  • We will listen to you and respect your time
  • We will answer ALL your questions
  • We will assist you in rebuilding and re-establishing your credit profile
  • Informed product presentations and test drives
  • Work directly with our Credit Specialist
  • Up front clear pricing and payments
  • The highest quality Pre-Owned Vehicles!
  • We’ll meet your needs, then we’ll ask to earn your business.

We can find the right car , that meets your needs and fits into your families budget, and we have more bank relationships than most dealers.

*The important thing is whether you buy from us or not you’ll walk away with valuable information to help rebuild your credit with your next vehicle purchase, and no matter what your credit situation we have the vast experience to assist you!

Get On The Road To Rebuilding Your Credit!

When rebuilding your credit, the most important step is never paying late. That includes auto loans. “It really makes little difference if the note is paid off early. The key issue is that it was paid in full with no delinquencies, An account like an auto loan that’s been open for six months and appears on your credit report will be enough to generate a FICO credit score. Therefore, based on your time line, if you’ve made every car payment up to this point on or before the due date, you should be able to safely pay off the remaining debt. “The best of both worlds would be to show a track record of good payments, followed by paying off the loan early. If you’ve slipped up in the past, however, hang onto that loan for a little longer to show that you can manage it more effectively.

Once that joint account’s history of on-time payments appears on your credit report, you can think about speeding up those repayments. As you’ve already realized, paying off that car loan early will save you money on interest payments.

Of course, paying off and closing an account early isn’t the only way to save money. Refinancing, or establishing a new loan, could bring you better terms if your credit score has improved since you initially purchased that car. Start by educating yourself about your current loan. You can compare your existing auto rate to the national averages to see how your current loan rate compares. If your credit has improved since you initially took out the car loan, Our credit specialists can help lower your interest rate.

Such responsible behavior will help you in the long run. It is very important to demonstrate good financial habits beyond credit when applying for a loan today, “Lenders often require a substantial down payment and may ask that you have money in savings to ensure you can continue to make the payments in the event of unforeseen economic challenges.

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