Can You Fight Car Sickness with Ginger Root?

Whenever you came down with a stomach bug as child, your mother would give you some ginger ale. Is this an old wives tale, or does it really work? And can it be used to cure car sickness, too?

Researchers have found that many of the drugs used to treat nausea in chemotherapy patients do not work for motion sickness — but some medications containing antihistamines do. This tells them that different neural pathways are stimulating the brain’s “vomit center.”

In two placebo-controlled trials of people prone to motion sickness, a capsule of powdered ginger was shown to be more effective at preventing nausea than over-the-counter motion sickness drugs.

They believe it may be due to the compound 6-gingerol, found in ginger, which is known to aid digestion.

So, your mother may have been right, after all. Though, before you start swigging soda to treat a tummy ache, check the ingredients for real ginger… and consider taking it in a more potent powdered form.

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